powerful brands communicate.
dynamic websites connect.
enlightened graphics inform.
compelling media engages.
welcome to the rightside.

powerful brands communicate.
dynamic websites connect.
enlightened graphics inform.
compelling media engages.
welcome to the rightside.

Rightside Design Group converges the talent of creative professionals in brand strategy, positioning, graphic design, illustration, web design, videography, advertising and marketing promotion. We base our fundamental philosophy in thoughtful and efficient problem solving, creating effective visual solutions that communicate the unique identity and message of your organization.

Our process starts with you. Share with us your obstacles and aspirations. We love a challenge. For each project we assess needs, propose a strategy, and assemble a team best suited to deliver on your objectives. No cookie cutters used here.

creativity converged. 

what we do.

branding + cultural development

Brands are expressed through visual elements, but that is just the beginning. Every exchange is considered, from marketing assets to consumer and employee interaction, as opportunities to shape perception, build trust, and strengthen brand loyalty.

digital advertising + website solutions

Website design begins with brand curb appeal and diversifies into a comprehensive communication platform to reach your intended audience. A combination of relevant content, responsive design, and thoughtful digital media planning delivers a targeted, cost-efficient advertising reach that maximizes exposure while providing interactive feedback.

publishing + graphic design

Design and publishing are critical to orchestrating an impactful marketing strategy that communicates both the message and aesthetic that defines your brand. Effective visual development of a brand is proliferated through the creation of engaging materials across all mediums for superior market impact.

marketing + media strategy

Comprehensive marketing strategies deliver compelling brand messaging while incorporating effective visual elements to promote company goals. This only matters if your brand architecture reaches its intended target. Market penetration is optimized through reliable data and ongoing analysis to ensure informed media investments.

who we are.

Brandon Jensen
owner + creative director

Brandon is the founder of the Rightside Design Group. RSDG was created with a focus on branding within businesses’ physical and natural environment. With a background in Architecture and Urban Planning (BA Architecture, Lawrence Technological University – 2008), Brandon strives to create quality design and unique brand positioning from a new perspective.   He enjoys working with his marketing partners/collaborators & clients to execute thoughtful design and unified brand principles within all facets of their businesses.

  • Design + Creative 91% 91%
  • Strategic Planning + Media + Advertising 86% 86%
  • Brand Strategy 82% 82%
  • Lego Building & Home Remodeling 98% 98%

Shannon Westgate
brand strategist 

Shannon has been a key RSDG collaborator since 2016, Shannon brings a diverse professional background in Interior Design and Planning as well as business and brand development.  She works with clients, building bigger and bolder brands, while unifying all aspects of businesses’ internal culture.  In addition, she handles much of the client relations, project administration, and designs highly effective multi-year marketing strategies across the entire portfolio.

  • Branding 88% 88%
  • Strategy & Cultural Development 92% 92%
  • Project Administration 89% 89%
  • Keeping us all sane 99% 99%

Mark Fedder
production specialist

Mark has been an integrated print design/development and research partner/sub-contractor with RSDG since 2013. With extensive experience in research and planning along with layout design and development, Mark fills a critical production role to execute final production to RSDG’s diverse client portfolio.

  • Publication Development + Design 86% 86%
  • Project Research + Data 91% 91%
  • Website Programming 82% 82%
  • Ability to remember movie titles of the 80s 99% 99%

Jake Knight
digital specialist

Jake is a small business owner and has been a key digital website and marketing partner/sub-contractor for RSDG since 2011.  He has over 15 years of experience in the field of digital and website development (and also being a certified Google Partner).

  • Google Adwords + Digital Marketing 92% 92%
  • Social Media Strategy 82% 82%
  • Website Design + Development 88% 88%
  • Comfort level when speaking to large groups 98% 98%

who we are.


In today’s world, it’s clear there are always problems that are in need of being solved.  We love problem solving, and also love a challenge.  Share your obstacles and goals and we will assess your needs, craft a strategy, and assemble a team of creative professionals that will accomplish your goals.

Our collaborative approach allows us to create and execute strategies that identify and express the individual personality of a company, while incorporating informed marketing tactics for accelerated market penetration and business optimization.

Who doesn’t want that? Let’s get a team started on your project today.

Our project teams specialize in:

  • Brand Strategy and Management
  • Marketing and Advertising Planning and Execution
  • Publication Design and Development
  • Website Design Incorporating Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategies

We have created specialized solutions in the following fields:

  • Destination Marketing
  • Small Business
  • Corporate Branding
  • Finance
  • Real Estate, Vacation Rental and Property Management
  • Education
  • Health Care


Since the founding of RSDG, we have worked collectively with specialists in their fields to accomplish our clients’ goals. We firmly believe that great design, brands and projects come from collaboration, not just with our office and our clients, but partner agencies and professionals as well.

Understanding that each project requires an individualized approach, Rightside Design Group often reaches beyond our team boundaries to a network of creative professionals that has been assembled to satisfy all creative skill sets required. These individuals bring their unique perspective and honed talents to provide our clients with the best creative outcome for their project.

connect with us.

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